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Cervical Exercises

Anchor Stretch

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The sternocleidomastoid muscle is a neck muscle that is most commonly tight. These two stretches, using either a towel (seen here) or a resistance band/tube, are very beneficial and personally my favorite. Make sure to have no slack in the towel or band and only bending at the neck and not the waist.

Hold for 30 seconds bringing the right ear to the right shoulder then dropping the head down slightly for another 30 seconds. Switch the towel into the opposite hand and foot and repeat with the left ear and left shoulder, etc.

Upper Back Stretch

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This exercise stretches one of the hardest areas of your body to reach… the upper back.

Position: With your thumbs down, interlock your hands at chest-level in front of you.

Slowly stretch your arms straight in front of you. Drop your head down, and keep reaching forward. Continue to stretch throughout the duration and be sure to NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH!

Perform 3 sets holding at least 20 seconds.