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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is about far more than getting out of pain. We invest in a richer understanding of health by improving how well your body can function. Our goal is to help you get the most out of wellness so you can live an active lifestyle without being held back in any way.

As your body reaches maximum functioning, it responds better to your environment and is less prone to injury and illness. We help our patients replace the cycle of pain with a new cycle of wellness, as your improved health leads to more health in the future.

Bringing Your Body Back Into Balance

Your brain is the central computer of your body. It controls every cell, tissue and organ by sending messages to the body through the nervous system.

Sometimes, those messages are limited or blocked due to pressure on the nervous system, which keeps it from functioning at its best. We call that blockage a subluxation, or misalignment. Subluxations come from traumas, thoughts, and toxins. Sadly, they happen all the time.

Chiropractic adjustments respond to subluxations by bringing your spine and joints back into alignment, reducing pressure from the nerves. This gives your body a chance to recalibrate so the brain and body can communicate effectively again. As your nervous system heals naturally, your whole body regains its ability to function optimally.

Our Approach to Care

We use the Gonstead technique, Thompson drop table, Activator Method®, and Diversified (manual) adjustments. Dr. Will adapts her approach for every patient, since no two bodies are the same. She’ll combine her in-depth knowledge and years of experience to build a care plan specific to your needs.

Depending on your condition, we may also recommend additional health services. We offer decompression, massage therapy, cupping therapy, holistic health and wellness, and Christian counseling. If we suspect a chemical imbalance, we may also have our nurse run a test for allergy, food, stool, or hormonal issues.

Get on the Road to Wellness

Your health is our number one priority. Schedule now to get back to living the life you love, free from pain and dis-ease.

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