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What to Expect

Initial Visit

Office waiting room

Welcome to Synergy Chiropractic & Wellness Center

On your first visit you will be kindly greeted at the front desk by any one of us and receive a tour of our family-friendly office. You will then be asked to complete your admitting paperwork if you haven’t already.

Dr. Will will then take you through a comprehensive and complete health history and explain what wellness chiropractic is, before moving onto the examination. The more we know about you, and the more you know about us, the more we can help and that is our primary mission.

Our examination is designed to help us determine the cause of your current health challenge, and will also serve to help us formulate an efficient and effective treatment plan designed to meet your goals.

After the consultation and examination, Dr. Will will determine if you or your child are a candidate for chiropractic care. And if so, she will develop an appropriate plan of action to go over with you on your next visit. Patients appreciate that we explain everything in advance!

Regular Visits

After the investment of time needed on your first visit, many patients become concerned that every visit will be of equal length.

A typical office visit is much less time-consuming than the first, but is nonetheless just as essential. Depending on where you are in your treatment plan, you can plan on spending a few minutes with Dr. Will receiving your life-changing adjustments, or working with our wellness advocate for your specifically designed rehabilitation program.

But don’t think the brevity of a regular visit lessens its value! With the groundwork laid, we can quickly size up the condition of your spine and nervous system, adjust you and get you on your way. Like a regular workout at the gym, each visit builds on the ones before. Miss a visit and you can lose the momentum necessary to make the needed changes.

Your health is our priority! Stay on track with regular chiropractic care! Call our Greenville chiropractic office to schedule your appointment today!

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