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Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Care at
Synergy Chiropractic & Wellness Center

What is GAPS?

GAPS flyerGAPS is a condition, which establishes a connection between the functions of the digestive system and the brain. This term was created by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (human nutrition) in 2004 after working with hundreds of children and adults with neurological and psychiatric conditions, such as autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD), schizophrenia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, obsessive -compulsive disorder, bi-polar disorder and other neuro-psychological and psychiatric problems.

We live in the world of unfolding epidemics. Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD), schizophrenia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bi-polar disorder and other neuro-psychological and psychiatric problems in children and young adults are becoming more and more common.

Overlap in Diagnosis

In clinical practice these conditions more often than not overlap with each other. A child with autism is often hyperactive and dyspraxic. There is about 50% overlap between dyslexia and dyspraxia and 25-50% overlap between hyperactivity, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Children with these conditions are often diagnosed as being depressed and as they grow up they are more prone to substance abuse or alcoholism than their typically developing peers. A young adult diagnosed with schizophrenia would often suffer from dyslexia, dyspraxia or/and ADHD/ADD in childhood. Schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder are often described as two sides of one coin. Society has created different diagnostic boxes to fit these patients in. But a modern patient does not fit into any one of them neatly. The modern patient in most cases fits into a rather lumpy picture of overlapping neurological and psychiatric conditions.

When we examine these patients in a clinical setting, we find that apart from so-called mental problems, they are also physically very ill. Digestive disorders, malnourishment, allergies, asthma, eczema, chronic cystitis, thrush and fussy eating habits are a consistently seen.

What a Difference in our 3 Year Old

Dr. Will helped us heal our 3 year old sons severe eczema, constant ear infections and multiple food allergies with the GAPS diet. She coached me every step of the way. She taught me everything I needed to know as a mom to care for my sons nutrition by feeding him the right foods to heal his leaky gut. Because of her help and expertise, our son is no longer relying on high doses of oral steroids, creams and allergy meds every day. He no longer suffers with eczema or ear infections and is not allergic to dairy and eggs anymore. We could not be happier or more grateful with the exceptional care we received from Dr. Will at Synergy Chiropractic & Wellness Center.

- Angela B.

Addicted to Sugar

I inquired about the GAPS Diet because I was addicted to sugar and had a history of bad eczema on my face. I was sick of taking antibiotics and spending money on every eczema cream I could find. Dr. Will explained Leaky Gut Syndrome and tested me for Candida. I was so relieved to have an answer as to why my eczema would continue to come back. Dr. Will supplied me with all the supplements, list of foods and recipes needed to heal my gut. She answered all my questions and helped me transform my diet and lifestyle to the point where I don’t ever want to go back to my unhealthy food habits. I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t an easy transformation, but it was definitely well worth it. My eczema is gone and my skin has never been clearer.

- Mariah G.

Easy To Follow Plan

Dr. Will has a picture on the wall that says something about how all food either fights or feeds disease. I read that several times without really thinking about it. I thought I was relatively healthy and didn’t need to make any changes. Then I came across an article about the GAPS diet and how the diet can help anxiety and mood disorders. I had been taking prescription medication for anxiety for several years and realized that there had to be a better way. I remembered seeing the GAPS information at Synergy Chiropractic and asked Dr. Will for more information. We met to discuss the GAPS diet and she developed a plan for me. The plan was based on my history and my current eating habits. It turns out that I shouldn’t be eating candy everyday… who knew??! The plan was easy to follow and didn’t involve all the gimmicky stuff most diet plans try to sell you. The only thing I had to buy (outside of smarter choices at the grocery store) was probiotics. I have been following the plan for about two months and I feel SO MUCH better. My digestion, mood, and level of anxiety have significantly improved. I am no longer taking anxiety medication and feel better than when I was taking the medication. Thank you, Dr. Will!

- Amy

Want To Learn More?

To learn about Gut and Psychology Syndrome, how it develops and how to treat it effectively with a sound nutritional protocol please contact Dr. Will. She is passionate and eager to help you!


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